How to Install AOL on Windows 10

System Requirement for Downloading AOL

  • Device speed:- Computer processor with a frequency of 266 MHz or higher.
  • Connectivity:- Reputable Online link, RAM 1024 MB.
  • Camera memory:- Hard disk with at least 512 MB free space.
  • Display resolution:- 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Aol Gold Downloads Agent:- Internet browser (IE)
  • Private details:- Your gold AOL background credentials.\

  • Download AOL computer software from the link above. Be careful to click the Download button for AOL members because it is free for existing users.
  • In case of problems, just reach out the Aol executive and let professionals download the AOL gold background to your own Windows system.
  • After downloading Aol Gold, click the downloaded Desktop AOL Gold document and follow the on-screen directions.
  • Enter the AOL credentials when prompted.
  • In the "All items" segment, scroll down a bit and you will see "AOL Desktop Gold", use it.

Procedure "Install AOl Background" and follow the instructions. 

  • After downloading AOL Desktop, follow these configuration steps to set up AOL Desktop Gold Windows:
  • To set up your AOL desktop, all you need to do is find the AOL Gold document you downloaded
  • After clicking the downloaded AOL gold background configuration document, touch the "AOL Desktop Installation" icon.
  • Select "Run" on the upcoming card on the screen of your personal computer.
  • Finally, tap "Install now" and then you can be motivated to "import emails" along with "Uninstall older version in the background".
  • Then click "OK" and then "Yes".


AOL Desktop Gold software for download on Windows 10,8,7 if you are just starting to use AOL

If you're just getting started with AOL, use these measures for the AOL 10 desktop Download:

  • Get AOL membership immediately by clicking the Get Membership link provided.
  • Use the upcoming screen tips to create an AOL account.
  • Then tap "Premium subscription cards".

     (Note: AOL for download to your computer is only available with better subscriptions, maybe not with basic subscriptions.)

  • Now under "Download AOL Desktop Gold", you will find that the "Start" button and then click it.
  • The download of the AOL desktop will start automatically
  • Sorry, you'll find a confirmation email, open the verification message to go to the Windows AOL download page.
  • Aol Desktop Gold download/installation process after the confirmation email
  • After receiving the confirmation email for AOL Desktop Gold, perform the following checks in the AOL Gold login section:
  • Go to your inbox and tap the confirmation email, which may be called "Getting started with AOL."
  • Click the download link in the email, as well as the connection found in the AOL Desktop Gold document you need to download.
  • Download the AOL Desktop Gold Software document and follow the AOL Gold installation procedure as mentioned earlier in the installation procedure for existing AOL users. The download of AOL Desktop Gold is free for existing users.