What to do to remove the Yahoo mail issues with Yahoo Mail Helpline Number?

Yahoo is one of the most popular web services providers which is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. But there are some errors which you have to deal with while using Yahoo mail. Along with the mailing service; Yahoo also provides good technical support. When you get into any kind of Yahoo error, you can easily ask the technical team for help.

Yahoo mail technical team is round the clock available for help. You can directly call the support number and ask your query. You can also use the chat or email service for help. If you are dealing with simple issues then you can also try them troubleshooting manually. 


Yahoo error 15

Yahoo error code 15 is one of the most common Yahoo mail error codes which can appear due to various reasons. When you get this error, you can try fixing it manually. Try signing out your Yahoo account from all the devices. Error 15 mostly appears when you have logged in your Yahoo account on various devices. Logout your Yahoo account from all the devices and remove all the saved cookies, history files, and caches. Now login the Yahoo account on the device you want to open. If you are still facing the same error then try opening Yahoo on a different web browser. After performing various solutions, if you are getting the same error then ask Yahoo team for help.


How to change Yahoo password?

You should always use a strong password for your Yahoo account. Changing your password from time to time can help keep hackers away from your account. Always change your password on smooth and secure internet connection. You can follow the given steps for changing Yahoo password:

  1. Go to the web browser
  2. Search for Yahoo mail 
  3. Go to login button and enter your Yahoo mail address
  4. Enter your password
  5. Now go to Yahoo account page 
  6. Go to Security page
  7. Click on Change Password option
  8. Type your new password
  9. Re-enter the password for confirmation
  10. Hit the Continue button
  11. Now your Yahoo mail password has been changed. 


Forgot Yahoo password

If you have forgotten your Yahoo password then you can easily reset it by various means. Follow the given steps for recovering your Yahoo mail password:

  1. Open web browser and search for Yahoo mail
  2. Go to login button and enter the Yahoo email address
  3. Click on Forget Password button
  4. You will be redirected to a recovery page
  5. Yahoo email password can be recovered by three methods

Via email address

While creating a Yahoo account, you have provided a recovery mail account. If you have that account then click on the recovery mail option and you will receive the password recovery email on the registered email address.

Via phone number

You can also recover the Yahoo password with your phone number. If you have the phone number which you had provided while creating your Yahoo account then click on phone number. You will receive the password recovery link on your phone number.

Via security question

While signing in for Yahoo, you have a security question. If you remember the answer to the security question then go to the security question option and answer it. If you answer the question correctly then the password reset page will appear. In case, you can’t recover your Yahoo password becasuse of sometime yahoo mail keeps crashing from any of these methods then you should ask the Yahoo technical team for help.


Yahoo mail error 475

You will receive Yahoo mail error 475 when Yahoo suspects any suspicious activity on your account. Yahoo blocks your account temporarily for security purposes. This error mostly appears when your device has been logged in from various geographical areas. People get into error 475 mostly when they are using VPN. Disconnect VPN from your device and wait for sometime. Now try to login into your Yahoo account. If your Yahoo error is still there then contact the Yahoo team for help.